Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28

  • RT @TeamHallnNass: In honor of #CadillacWeek, Running a contest! You could win a "Cadillac" related prize! Pls RT & stay tuned for details! #
  • RT @TeamHallnNass: What happens when @GMTexas & @Cadillac leave the keys in a CTS-V? Find out @ #CadillacWeek #
  • RT @erik_jamaal: #random Whoever chose the music in those Cadillac commercials deserves a raise. if I was rich I'd get one just off the tune #
  • Good luck! Post pics? RT @Marqwerty: About to buy a 1967 Cadillac!! If all goes well #
  • I get that > RT @getsweetie: Somehow, being a Southern girl, despite the competition Cadillac still says "Successful" to me! @caddyinfo #
  • RT @getsweetie: We moved our step family blog to WP this week A Joyful Place Called Home Come visit! 🙂 #
  • DOE/IBM working on a 500 Mile Battery – Cadillac Discussion Forum: Lithium/Air Battery #
  • .@getsweetie A convertible ATS coming soon you know you like the open air models #
  • @Marqwerty Looks good in the pic; Price sounds good; everything depends on condition, so check it or have it checked closely. in reply to Marqwerty #
  • @Marqwerty oh perfect then. Post up some photos of the restore on Forum? in reply to Marqwerty #
  • @Marqwerty I'm often tempted to dive into that type of project, and some of the other guys drove those new, so lots of interest in reply to Marqwerty #
  • @Marqwerty Have to see more pics of the car, and understand your goals for restoration. in reply to Marqwerty #
  • @Marqwerty Cool thanks; if not this one keep us posted on your Cadillac search. in reply to Marqwerty #

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