Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-05

  • Good point. And they have some good 10 CTS shots in the media rm. RT @DavidAnton: it's a new model yr, but not even 1 full shot of the CTS? #
  • Whitacre Said to Reassign Lutz in GM Restructuring (Update1) – #
  • The decade's best: 10 favorite cars from 2000-2009: #6: Cadillac CTS: #
  • RT @gmeurope: DRIVINGCONVERSATIONS Working Together: By Nick ReillyCEO Opel/Vauxhall #
  • RT @AutoWeekUSA: As the GM world turns: Lutz, Docherty get new assignments: #
  • RT @GMblogs: #GM announces leadership changes, Mark Reuss named president of GM NA #
  • lol RT @SuzanneDenbow: Apparently, LAX has left a 12-year-old girl in charge of their in-terminal music selections. #
  • RT @napratscher: GM Comms assumes its rightful place. RT @GMblogs: @chrispreussgmvp #GM Communications VP reports directly to Ed Whitacre #
  • RT @jalopnik: Cadillac CTS-V Batmobile: Quick, To The Country Club! #customcars #cadillacctsv #
  • I thik it might mean you're getting tea-riffic. RT @MaureenCole: Christmas list new tea kettle — does that mean you're getting old? #
  • RT @ntfb: Come on guys! It's #followfriday and we need some followers! Be the 900th or 1000th follower and win a PRIZE!!! #
  • RT @eventdivas: Had an absolutely fabulous time last night at the Cadillac SRX Driving Experience Event. #
  • RT @CARandDRIVER: Allard Lives: From the No-Car-is-Ever-Truly-Dead department, connoisseurs celebrate #
  • RT @Cadillac: An exclusive walk around of the 2011 @Cadillac #CTSCoupe by General Manager Bryan Nesbitt!! #
  • RT @HoustonCadillac: Your Houston Area Cadillac Dealers are proud 2 support Discovery Green CoolGlobes Exhibit #
  • RT @gmeurope: GMEUROPE.INFO Vauxhall Retail Sales Soar By More Than Double In November #
  • RT @fastpencil: Ten things you wish you knew when you started blogging: (via @problogger) #
  • RT @jeffrey: @t0fu kinda a huge fan of Cadillac. Some designs may not be my thing, but they certainly own their style and don't compromise. #
  • 12 Secrets of a Life on the Road: Includes Belly Dancing! RT @janedevin: I've been holding out on you. #
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! RT @kristinsb: Just promised hubby we could go to Boston Auto Show to test drive @Cadillac #
  • Excellent add, Houston Cadillac Club on RT @radiohitlist: Houston Cadillac Club – #
  • I've emailed Doc Sab; nice guy: "What, no angle shot?" RT @janedevin: @Caddyinfo Oh, and good job tracking down the Mac Daddy Caddy. #
  • Cool! Sport Wagon looks like a winner to me. RT @kristinsb: support @ManicMommies friends & spon @GM – been dying to try the CTS wagon! #
  • @janedevin thanks again for the photos! Send me ANY Cadillacs you see along your trip! in reply to janedevin #
  • RT @rwcmick: Cadillac: Future concept promises many innovations… #examiner #Cadillac #laautoshow #gm #
  • @rjgeyer check pg 31,kit for mating 500 to a ’64-’67 OE Cad TH40; also talk to Fun Project! in reply to rjgeyer #
  • @rjgeyer Send a photoessay of the swap when you get it done? in reply to rjgeyer #
  • More Christmas Cadillacs: RT @PeggyBristerHS: @GypsyPol I get my Christmas present next Friday. My Cadillac CTS!! I am so excited. #
  • @rjgeyer Yes, that seems reasonable from what I have read. Keep the 429 aside, and put in a 500. in reply to rjgeyer #
  • Gamer completes fairytale: From PlayStation to real-life pro track racing – News – PC Authority: #
  • Great choice. Share more info once it arrives! RT @vintzs: Just sold my conversion van. Cadillac STS V is coming next! #
  • But Start a rumor there is a conv ATS otw! Then maybe they'll plan one. RT @miconmike: GM will not build a conv ver of the Cadillac CTS #
  • Steven Rattner and Harry J. Wilson: GM's Directors Start Acting . . . Like Directors – #
  • GM's Whitacre moves quickly to change management, makes veteran car guy Lutz his adviser | #

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