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There are actually 3 login/sites in our network, driven by their location on different servers in order to ‘spread the load’. is the homepage which links our various sites/locations and has a lot of how-to and FAQ info. is the forum is a photo gallery. is a content management system
The drupal system is easier to post things like html, or sometimes I use it to post images instead of the gallery if I also want to post some text specific to the image. So for example if I am posting a photo essay on a fix I would go to If I were posting pics of my car with a brief description I would put those on the gallery.

Feel free to ignore the other sites and just enjoy the forum if you prefer. But they are available to everyone for reading, and to Supporters for posting pics on the gallery or technical articles on the drupal site (or images there are easy to post also) if you choose to use them.

lastly, my current blog site is (here) which has notes on plans, thoughts, updates, etc.

Caddyinfo Supporters please PM or email me and I will setup your ID on and

Yes, it would be better/ideal if you had one login/password and it played on any Caddyinfo site. But we don’t. I find that once I have each site setup then it becomes a non-issue.

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