CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat 2013-05-17 #Motorama

Thursday was a unique chat — an unplanned monologue as our normal panel guests were not available.

Forum Link:

Planned Topics:

  • Cadillac XTS 410 HP AWD potential
  • Owning and enjoying a used Cadillac
  • Head gasket diagnosis and repair
  • RamAir / air ducting

Even before the chat started a moment of learning, as with the new Google+ layout it was not immediately obvious how to even start a Hangout on air any more.  The way I ended up doing it was going to “hangouts on air” off the main menu then there is a button in the stream that says “start a hangout on air”.

I am used to the luxury of having other people talk while I get some things done behind the scenes; sorry about the silences/gaps.

What would you like to hear in future chats?  To participate in our Thursday evening CaddyInfo Cadillac Chats contact me on Google+.

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