After Action Report: Cadillac CTS-V Challenge

An eclectic collection of car nuts gathered at the Monticello Motor Club today with a short list of competitive vehicles.  Several Cadillac CTS-Vs, a BMW M3, a BMW M5, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, a Jaguar XF, and an Audi RS4 were present.



The final results:

We had lunch with Michael Cooper’s Dad and brother and his friend.  Michael’s time was very good.  He has had some previous racing experience and did a great job in the competition.  He had the low time for a while, and it looked like the M3 might take the upset.  Later in the day he did get a chance to drive the CTS-V on the track, but did not get a competitive, timed lap in the V.    Ari Straus, the Monticello Motor Club Manager, estimated that head to head with the same driver the M3 is probably 2 seconds slower at Monticello than the CTS-V.  Yes, the M3 is good — but not as fast around the track as a CTS-V.

Overall John Heinricy set the low time, (besides a “Mystery Driver” who took some timed laps but is not mentioned in the official score), but as impressive is that one of the CTS-V Engineers, Aaron Long, also had a very good time.  Love it when the product guys know how to use the product well.

The host, Monticello Motor Club, did an excellent job.   The facility is a world-class racing venue.   Parking was effortless, space was good, area for lunch, viewing, and presentations was good, display area, shop, wifi for guests.  Telemetrics on the vehicles fed a clear laptime board by driver by lap that made it easy to keep up with progress across the groups of drivers.  Food and drinks were out everywhere.  Lunch was well prepared, served quickly, and everything tasted great.

The Cadillac hosting team was tremendous.  Check in at the entry gate was no problem.  Check in at Registration was easy, including waiver of liability and mandatory wristbands.    The entire GM and Cadillac team including Bob Lutz and everyone in attendance were open and accessible.  The event flowed so well that it appeared effortless for the hosting team.

The CTS Coupe was present.  This product cannot get to market fast enough.

CTS Coupe Prototype

CTS Coupe Prototype

Also the CTS Sport Wagon was there

CTS Sport Wagon

CTS Sport Wagon

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What can one conclude about the whole event?

  • Cadillac stepped up and sponsored a successful event to show that the CTS-V can compete with anybody in its class.
  • The competitors all did very well, everyone stayed safe, and no cars were damaged in the contest.
  • I had a great time, and met some very interesting people.  Truly, if you love cars this was THE place to be today.
  • Monticello Motor Club is a terrific venue.  It may not be within your means, but if it is, I highly recommend it.
  • Get a bunch of car lovers together, regardless of their favorite marque, mix in racing and competition, and you have a fun day.
  • Join us in the Caddyinfo Forum thread for ongoing discussion, or comment below.

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