Bright Lights in the Deluge

We live in Plano, Texas just north of Dallas.  The area here was originally a prairie, so there are trees (only) where they are cultivated, and lots of sunshine and hot weather in the summer.  When it does rain, it seems to come as a great surprise to the area itself and to the city.  Our streets seem designed to overflow and flood with water as a temporary measure until the drains catch up.  To be fair, since we get perhaps less frequent rain than other places, when it does rain there seems to be some urge to ‘catch up’.

As I pulled out of a parking lot yesterday for a quick lunch on the way to a meeting in McKinney, I had to pull through pooled water and running water in the parking lot.  Luckily no problem with the CTS itself, but as I exited the parking lot I could hear something dragging beneath the car.  Not a good sound anytime, but especially not when it is raining cats and dogs.

I pulled into nearby Kwik Kar to check, and sure enough one side of the exhaust system was handing on the ground at the end that enters the resonator.   Kwik Kar also does mechanical work, so they quickly pulled the car in and attempted to reattach.  Unfortunately, one of the hangers had broken and they did not have the required replacement.   We put the exahust pipe/muffler in the trunk (using the ski pass-through to the rear seat) and off I went to the muffler shop.

Pronto Muffler in Plano also pulled the car right in, grabbed the assembly out of the trunk, put the car up on a lift, and fixed it quickly and permanently.  They were easy to deal with, and charged me what I considered too little for the job.  Best of all, I was back on the road almost in time to drive to my meeting, arriving a bit late and very wet.

All in all, to go from a dragging sound while pulling through standing water in a deluge of rain to fixed and (almost) on time for my meeting was very good and reflects the great service I received at Kwik Kar and at Pronto.  Thanks guys!

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