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For the recent Canadian Thanksgiving, John Chow challenged readers for his blog to donate money to the Vancouver Union Gospel Mission to help feed the hungry.   John offered to match any donations.    I was happy to be able to donate 10 meals and have John match them.  The total donation with all intake and John’s match raised over $6K for the Union Gospel Mission, so yay.

John Chow’s blog is a very popular blog on how to be an internet entrepreneur.   Besides matching the donations, John also offered to link to all of the donors in the blog.    I have been clicking through these and have found a variety of useful and interesting reading.  My initial thought was just to click through them all and note that I had done so.  But what I found by and large is that this self-selected subset of blogs has a lot of treasure inside, and has taken a bit of time to read, study, and save off as bookmarks for later review.

Today’s find — a quick thank you to Creative Pride News for the link to Writing the Greatest About Me Page Ever on  After reading this I revised the About page here. Thanks to Steven for the actual advice of course.

Just another lesson in the obvious — but people who are generous in giving usually are interesting to talk to or read as well.

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  1. Thank you for what you do at the Union Gospel Mission, and please keep up the good work.

    For those looking for a great Christmas gift, the UGM giving page (see link above in the blog post) notes that they will be able to serve Christmas Dinner for 10 for $33 CAN. Very tidy operation, and a great way to help people who need it.

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