Best Cadillac skidpad results ever?

I suppose the new CTS-V with magnetic ride suspension is the current Cadillac record holder for ‘official’ 200 foot skidpad performance at 0.92g (as measured by Edmund’s)

The previous CTS-V, XLR-V, STS-V as I have mentioned tended to top at 0.87g on a 200ft skidpad, although Motor Trend did manage to record a 0.90g with a 2005 CTS-V.

In a report on the 2006 XLR-V, Car & Driver notes that although they only measured a skidpad of 0.87g, Cadillac claimed a skidpad of 0.94g was attainable.  Since Cadillac and Car&Driver measure in different places (surfaces and atmosphere and method matter), then not a surprise that they might achieve different results.  But Cadillac’s claim would make the XLR-V the skidpad champion, and not the new CTS-V.

In a 2005 report, Road & Track summarized several V Series and non-V series models performance numbers:

2004 CTS 0.83 g
2004 CTS-V 0.87g
2005 STS 0.81g
2006 STS-V 0.88g (estimated)
2006 XLR 0.87g

In a model update 6/2006, Road & Track noted that the XLR-V would do 0.87g on the skidpad.

So, what we need is a no-holds barred V-Series face off, to determine who the best Cadillac corner carver is.   The test data seems to give the new CTS-V the nod, but until the Cadillac Sedan with the Cadillac Chassis and Corvette engine has gone head to head with the Cadillac Roadster with the Corvette Chassis and Cadillac engine, we just won’t know for sure.

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