You’re the Apple of my Trip

Writer Jane Davin is spending the year driving across America in a variety of GM vehicles, blogging along the way on her blog.  It is an interesting writing project, and I am enjoying her traveling journal as she meets and writes about different people along the way.

What could go wrong?  What if you are on the road on a writing project and your laptop stops being a laptop and becomes an object d’art (a brick)?  You um, hope for a miracle?

From her blog:

It wasn’t good news. It was fantastic, amazing, jaw dropping, life-altering news. The kind that made me scream into the phone with glee. A donor who wishes to remain anonymous was sending me a MacBook Pro. As readers from my previous site know, I have written about, lusted over, and dreamt of having an Apple computer for years. Good news? No, this goes way beyond good. Fed-Ex delivered the MacBook just a couple of hours ago, and I have not stopped smiling. I am ecstatic!

Jane with some apples

Jane with some apples

Join me and follow Jane’s adventures here:

Finding My America.

2 thoughts on “You’re the Apple of my Trip

  1. Thank you for your continuing support! The Mac was definitely a miracle, and I am still pinching myself. The other miracle has been the encouragement I’ve gotten from readers and car enthusiasts like yourself. I could not have envisioned this adventure just a few short months ago, and every morning when I wake up, I find myself filled with gratitude and intent on doing a job worthy of other people’s faith in me.

    Thank you!

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