What does Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance mean?

This week Cadillac announced it will provide owners of all 2011 models with frequently required maintenance services for the first four years or 50,000 miles as it seeks to build the best customer service experience in the luxury segment.

Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance covers scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, replacement of engine and cabin air filters and a multi-point vehicle inspection.

At my local Cadillac dealer, an oil change would cost around $85 (modern Cadillacs use synthetic oil, which is more expensive).  Rotate tires with multi-point inspection is $15.99 on a coupon, so say $25 without;  tire rotation occurs every 5K or so.  Replacement of engine air filter is $8, (with every other oil change) and cabin air filters are $25 (once in the period).  The total financial value of Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance might run 10 oil changes at $85, 10 tire rotations at $25, 5 engine air filters at $40 and 1 cabin filter at $25 for $1,165 of covered maintenance over the first 4 years.

The true value of Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance however is the knowledge and surety that your Cadillac will get the very best care available by trained Technicians at the Cadillac Dealer.  Especially with frequently available Concierge Service, Cadillac service is just a matter of having the Dealer pick up your Cadillac, dropping off a Loan vehicle.  Once service is completed they bring your Cadillac home.  No fuss, no muss, fresh, clean and properly maintained.

The true value of Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance is that surety that your Cadillac is getting the best service available.

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