Testing video overlay of datalogger with in-car video

This is a video trial using TrackVision software to tag data logged from the RaceLogic Performancebox onto a 0-60 acceleration test video:

Caddyinfo Video Test setup Test from Bruce Nunnally on Vimeo.

Here is the data table:

Speed(mph) Time(s) w/Rollout .99ft=.27s Dist(f)
10 0.68 0.41 5.3
20 1.45 1.18 22.5
30 2.40 2.13 57.6
40 3.47 3.20 112.7
50 4.79 4.52 199.8
60 6.29 6.02 321.4

The ‘with-rollout’ column is calculated by subtracting the time it takes for the vehicle to go 1 foot (in this case 0.99 feet took 0.27 sec in the data file) from the times in order to reflect rollout.

Run was with car hot, low on gas. Regular Unleaded. More to follow.

Update: This video adds live Tach. The performancebox does not data log RPM. For this file I post-processed the data file to calculate RPM based on the Cadillac CTS’ velocity and added it to the datafile before the overlay process in Trackvision:

Caddyinfo Trackvision RPM Test from Bruce Nunnally on Vimeo.

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