Cadillac CTS Seat Experiment – conclusion of part 1

Got my 2005 Cadillac CTS back from  Crest Cadillac in Plano, Texas today with the Service Air Bag light corrected from The Great Cadillac CTS Seat Experiment.

Literally drove the Loaner CTS in to the Service Drive, was whisked in to the Cashier, and my Cadillac CTS was pulled into the Service Drive almost immediately.    Could not have been faster service unless we practiced together a lot more lol.

I enjoyed the 2010 Cadillac CTS loaner car; it gave me pause about my plan to purchase a Generation 1 V-Series model, but I think I am still planning on the V.

The air bag light is fixed.  The diagnosis was it needed new seat belt pretensioners.    The seat belt pretensioner is a pyrotechnic device that takes the slack out of the seat belt immediately before the airbags fire.  In my experience seat belt pretensioners are electronically sensitive or fragile, so I am not that surprised anytime one needs replacement.

The receipt lists part number 89024402 Belt Kit and 89024405 F-Belt Kit and 1.8 hours of labor.

On to the next part of the Seat Experiment — now my Driver’s seat thinks it is part of a memory seating system, but my CTS doesn’t have a control panel to select the memory seat positions.  So in part 2 I plan to add this control panel from a CTS that does have one.  Stay tuned!