How Old Do I Have To Be to Drive a Cadillac?

Young people occasionally ask or tweet or post this question —

How old do I have to be to drive a Cadillac? First of all, have you visited the Cadillac show rooms lately?  They are full of current design, high performance luxury automobiles that are appealing to people of all ages.  Cadillac drivers tend to be older because that is who can AFFORD a premium performance luxury automobile.  But that does not mean you can’t have a Cadillac when you are young if you have the desire, the means, and the style to own an American performance luxury automobile.

Check information on the Current Cadillacs here.

What does driving a Cadillac say to your friends? It’s not about your friends. It’s not about other people.  It’s about driving one of the finest automobiles available.  However, what it says about you is that you value quality, style, elegance, luxury, and performance, and can afford to drive a world-class automobile that reflects your taste.

But I thought Cadillacs were always big and slow? Nope, sorry.  Old school Cadillacs had the largest engine available (anywhere), the most power, and the best ride.  Premium automobiles for people who had the means to buy the best automobiles available.

What you may be  thinking about are the entry-level Cadillacs of the 80s or 90s.  Two things — one, you have to understand these cars in the context of their era — in the 90s Cadillacs had a good power to weight ratio for their time;  and two you have to seek out the right Cadillacs.  The Eldorados of the 50s and 60s.  The STS or ETC models of the 90s.  The V-Series models beginning in 2004.

What does it say about me if I drive a Cadillac? It says you are a person who values American Performance & Luxury.

When is the ideal first age to buy a Cadillac? As soon as you can afford one.  I recommend if you are just starting out that you investigate the Cadillac certified pre-owned program.  Through this program Cadillac Dealers offer certified pre-owned selected models of Cadillacs with an extended warranty package.

How old do you have to be to drive a Cadillac? Old enough to have a license and to have the means to afford to enjoy a fine automobile.  Once you can afford it, you are ready.