The 64,000 Mile Question

Just turning over 64K on my 2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6L. Not a large mileage total for a 5 year-old car (the 2010s are out now!). Actually I purchased the car in the Spring, so not quite 5 years in our driveway.

Problems? Nope, great car. I did have to have the TCM replaced a bit back after the transmission became sluggish to shift, but the Cadillac has always done what I wanted it to do, and taken me right along to where I needed to go. Certainly one of the most reliable, trouble free vehicles I have owned (knock on wood).

Only maintenance other than oil and filters has been front brake pads. I have added some items, such as the rear spoiler, and some updates as the newer models came along with them — colored center caps, a rear spoiler, wood shift knob etc.

This one is still covered under an extended GMAC warranty for another year or so, then I’ll need to decide if we are ready to look for the next Cadillac. GM and Cadillac have some very interesting vehicles coming out soon — the CTS Coupe, the new smaller-than-a-CTS ATS, and the XTS luxury sedan. Meanwhile several of the V-series certified used cars are coming tantalizingly close to my sweet spot of warranty remaining and price for performance.

BUT the really lucky thing is I have this great sport sedan that performs well, drives beautifully, and looks good. I suspect it will continue to do so for years to come.