ContourHD video on suction cup mount experiment

I am experimenting a bit more with my Contour camera, mount, and placement.

This video was done with the ContourHD on a ‘windshield’ suction cup mount on the front hood, passenger side.  The video is captured at 720p and youtube offers a variety of data rates to suit your download speeds.

The camera audio is mostly wind noise out in the wind, but could be muted; I left it in for illustration.

Mount available on Amazon

Suggestions, comments, ideas, requests?

Contour Camera Mount improves Point of View

Looking forward to some new angles with this suction cup Contour Camera mount:

Contour HD on suction cup camera mount

It has multiple adjustments and looks like it is a perfect accessory to get my Contour out there in the action, or stuck right where we can see interesting video.

The Contour HD is a small battery operated video camera that captures video to a miniSD card.  Also it is obvious I need a photo backdrop, but it’s the GEAR man!