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CaddyInfo Forum Thread #Cadillac Large Sales up 48% and I Buried the Lead?!

Cadillac Club Sweden & Celebrate år fyra

år fyra — year four if my translation gadget works!

I would like to take a moment to celebrate that Cadillac Club Sweden continues in 2011 as a Cadillac Club Supporter of

The Cadillac Club Sweden subforum on CaddyInfo was created in 2007.  There Cadillac Club Sweden members discuss Cadillacs and related topics in Swedish.  The Forum is moderated by Cadillac Club Sweden officers.  CaddyInfo’s other Cadillac discussions are most frequently in English (or American at least).

The use of an international forum like CaddyInfo for a Cadillac Club forum brings Cadillac fans together from around the world to discuss and enjoy these great automobiles.    If you are looking for a home for your Cadillac related discussions please contact me here at is Cadillac Discussion and Information website for the Cadillac Enthusiast.  CaddyInfo offers a discussion forum, technical information pages, Cadillac news, and twitter @caddyinfo.

Cadillac Club Sweden (C.C.S) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden October 1993.  The purpose of the club is to maintain and take care of Cadillac automobiles in original shape and with suitable activities promote members interest in Cadillac.