Sweating Software updates

Updates this morning to our forum software appear to have gone well.  I always sweat this stuff, because I hate being offline if it goes over a cliff.    The upgrade appears to be seamless in this case, and everything appears to be up and functional.  We got guests online right away, but I held my breath a moment until I could see a ‘regular’ (yay KHE) show up.

The goal of the new upgrades is to add a more complex CAPTCHA, “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”.   This forces users to input a random code when registering and changing email address, etc to prevent bot’s from spamming the forums (hopefully).  The innovative approach here is that this part of the forum can be upgraded separately now in a mostly-automated fashion so that as the forum software producer comes out with better and better ways to make the CAPTCHA not readable by robots then they can push that upgrade to each forum.

As with any change, please let me know if you see any behavior you don’t expect.

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