Sinkhole Survivor Replaces Escalade With Certified Pre-Owned Model

Nick Twork at Cadillac and Metropolitan Cadillac of Milwaukee got this Cadillac fan back into his favorite SUV — a Cadillac Escalade — after a sink hole swallowed his previous Escalade.

After losing his original 2008 Cadillac Escalade to a sinkhole during a Milwaukee, Wisconsin flood last month, Lance Treankler poses with his replacement Certified Pre-owned 2008 Escalade Thursday, August 12, 2010 at the Metropolitan Cadillac dealership in Milwaukee. Metropolitan and Cadillac's Certified Pre-owned program helped Treankler locate an almost identical Escalade that was part of the Cadillac Certified Pre-owned program - having gone through a 117-point inspection and reconditioning process. (Photo by Katie Derksen for Cadillac) (08/12/2010)

You have to like a car company that cares enough to help you get on with your life after a disappointing day.

MILWAUKEE – Lance Treankler, who lost his  Cadillac Escalade to a sinkhole, is again behind the wheel of his favorite vehicle thanks to Metropolitan Cadillac and Cadillac’s Certified Pre-owned program.

Treankler’s  original Escalade was left inoperable last month after plunging 20 feet into a sinkhole in downtown Milwaukee. Treankler was able to climb out of the sinkhole with the help of an onlooker.  Fortunately, the insurance policy on the Escalade covered the accident.

Cadillac and its dealer network worked with Treankler to find an almost identical Escalade in the Milwaukee area and ensure that the Escalade was part of the Cadillac Certified Pre-owned program, providing him warranty coverage and other benefits. Metropolitan Cadillac in Milwaukee presented Treankler today with another black, all-wheel-drive 2007 Escalade.

The incident is still hard to believe, said Treankler, a 25-year-old Milwaukee resident. He’s had some back pain from the fall but escaped serious harm.  While Treankler escaped from the sinkhole, his original Escalade kept running for 28 hours before being hauled out with a crane.

“It was a pretty surreal moment,” Treankler said. “Everything happened so quickly. I’m just happy to be out and alive.”

He’s also happy to have an Escalade again.  When he found out the original Escalade was totaled, he said he immediately wanted another one.  Treankler said he likes the space offered by an Escalade and its handling in tough weather conditions.

“I like the size,” Treankler said. “And living in Wisconsin, I like the way it drives. It’s a beast in the winter.”

Max Stephenson, owner of Metropolitan Cadillac, said his dealership was pleased to find an almost identical Escalade in its inventory. The sinkhole was a media sensation in Milwaukee.

“Every day there are people who have accidents,” Stephenson said. “For us, it’s common practice to help them out however we can. This one just happens to be a little more public because of everything that happened to Lance.”

As with all Cadillac Certified Pre-owned vehicles, the Escalade has been through a 117-point inspection and reconditioning process by a trained technician. The program also includes a fully transferable six-year/100,000-mile limited warranty from the original in-service date, 24-hour roadside assistance, courtesy transportation and a three-month trial of XM Radio and OnStar Directions & Connections service on vehicles equipped for those services.

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