Share the Feast #NTFB

I am blessed again this Holiday Season to be invited to social dinners, parties, etc.  I would like to re-mention a concept that struck me last year, which is a way to share the blessings we receive.

I had a lovely Holiday Social dinner at Bailey’s Prime Plus in Fairview, Texas.  The atmosphere was elegant, the Staff was delightful and attentive, and the food was delicious.  Of course the point of the dinner was to socialize and the venue was perfect for a nice private gathering.

With Share the Feast in mind, although the dinner at Bailey’s was free to me, I estimate what the same meal would have cost me on a walk-in basis, then donate that amount to the charity of my choice.  In this case I chose the North Texas Food Bank as they are in the business of stretching donated dollars to feed as many hungry people as possible.

On a normal day, NTFB can provide 4 healthy meals for hungry people for each $1 received.  Right now due to donation challenges they can stretch that to 8 meals.    So that nice dinner out or holiday social can turn into hundreds of meals for hungry people.  Everybody wins.

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