Drive Safe Kit featuring Cadillac Club Sweden

I received a thoughtful gift today in the mail from our friends at Cadillac Club of Sweden.


Tidy box with custom Cadillac Club of Sweden wrapping lets the recipient know this is a special delivery!

Cadillac Club Sweden is a club sponsor of CaddyInfo and is kind enough to share cool Cadillac-related items.  They have a Club subforum on CaddyInfo (in Swedish).


Inside the box was a car safety kit nicely branded with the wreath and crest and Cadillac Club Sweden.


inside the package contains bandages, gauze, tape, a blanket, an ice bag and other emergency supplies perfectly packaged to keep in the car in case of emergencies.

The complete list appears to be:

  • Triangular Bandage 1pc
  • First Aid Dressing 1roll
  • Adhesive Plaster 25pcs
  • M-utility Scissors 1pc
  • Cold Pack 1pc
  • Safety Gloves 1pair
  • CPR Face shield 1pc
  • Emergency Blanket 1pc
  • Adhesive Tape 1roll
  • Island Dressing 2pcs
  • Round PVC Coated Nylon Case 1pc

I don’t see this item listed in the Club Online Shop but clearly they are or have been available from the Club.

I am pleased to have this kit in my Cadillac, and of course treasure it because it came from Cadillac Club Sweden here to Texas.


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