Recycling Oil: Not just a good idea, but fun

Changed the oil in the CTS this morning.  Out with the old, in with the new Mobil 1 5w30 Full Synthetic.  If you have not changed your own oil, it is easy to do, and it can eliminate any chance of carelessness with your prize vehicle.  New oil, new oil filter, back on the road.

I took my ‘used’ oil over to Walmart to be recycled.  Oil is a MUST to recycle — very bad for the environment to just dump it, and easy to recycle.  Yes, I know that oil cames OUT of the ground, but the places it was originally did not involve the local water table, pets, or growing things.

Most places that sell oil also have a provision to take back used oil.  It is a good practice to take the used oil back to the place you bought the new oil.    An oil recycling service, Safety Kleene, was there collecting the used oil from this Walmart; I captured this snap on my cellphone.   The driver seemed like a nice guy.  You can also see my CTS parked just to the right of the Recycling truck, out of the way of the traffic flow.

Safety Kleen motto:  Make Green Work.

Safety-Kleen enables companies to fulfill their green initiatives. We push beyond recycled thinking to break new ground and create an environment that’s good for business and the planet. In short, we make green work.

The used oil collection point at the local Walmart is beside the auto maintenance lanes.  The outer fence was locked, but the inside Cashier was nice enough to direct me back to the outside Attendant to bring the key to unlock the fence to get to the repository (a big metal container) to pour in my used oil.  Unfortunately, the top of the oil repository was also locked, so I had to bother the Attendant a second time to get that accessible.    Used oil waiting to be recycled have some value?  Sure.

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