Re: W.Pa. ‘gearhead’ styles for GM – ATS Rumor

Nice local boy makes good article here about GM Designer Dave Ross: W.Pa. ‘gearhead’ styles for GM – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

My favorite part:

“I recently took a tour of the Warren design center with (GM vice president, Global Design) Ed Welburn, and we saw everything out through 2014,” said John Wolkonowicz, auto analyst at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Mass. “GM is doing absolutely fantastic design work.”

Wolkonowicz signaled out one model of the 2013 model year Cadillac he and his IHS colleagues have dubbed the ATS. Due out in mid-2012, the Cadillac will be the size of a BMW 3-series, and styled and given the performance to compete with that vehicle, acknowledged as the world’s best selling luxury car.

I am (as always) ready for the ATS to be out now now now, but good to hear more rumors on when it actually WILL arrive.  Previously we thought the ATS would arrive in 2012 or 2013, so this is right in line.

Please see our ATS / Alpha coverage.

Cadillac has not said the vehicle would be called the ATS yet, but the press has been using that as a likely name.  The new 270hp  3L (LF1) premium DI V6 seems a natural powerplant for the ATS, but I would also like to see an up-power option.

CTS 3L Direct Injection V6

CTS 3L Direct Injection V6

Original Article referenced: W.Pa. ‘gearhead’ styles for GM – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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