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This is good thinking.  AutoBird Blog skimmed the best rumors from Tell Fritz Henderson site and put them together in one blog post:

Where does the XTS fit into Cadillac’s lineup? The XTS will fit in the market focused on comfort, luxury, interior space, and fuel efficiency, for a mid-luxury market price of $50,000 – $60,000. The XTS won’t be marketed as an ultra-luxury flagship sedan (e.g. BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class). Sales volumes of 7-series and S-class sized cars are very small, in GM’s judgment, declining based on the economy and consumer need for more practical and environmentally-oriented solutions. The XTS will use a Premium Epsilon platform (derivative of the Buick Lacrosse platform). It will feature front-wheel and all-wheel-drive, high-feature V6s, turbocharged V6s and possibly a V8 powertrain.

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Alpha = Cadillac ATS Illustration

Alpha = Cadillac ATS Illustration

Here was a new question I like, about the upcoming smaller-than-a-CTS Cadillac ATS:

When will the BMW 3 Series-size Alpha RWD Cadillac come out. I would love to see this happen its a winner. If priced right it will be hard to beat even for a BMW 3 series which is over priced. So I think it should be a go for this car. Hope you agree.

Dear Craig – I very much agree. While I can not answer exactly for competitive reasons, I can assure you that it is in development right now and that it will be an absolute winner. Thanks for your enthusiasm for Cadillac. Tell your friends to keep an eye on us!
Bryan Nesbitt, General Manager, Cadillac

I am glad that GM and Cadillac are trying so hard to communicate with the Buying public through a variety of means.  The more Cadillac Information we can get out to people the better they will appreciate these great vehicles!

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