Re: GM to lavish cash on new vehicles [Like the ATS]

A few interesting mentions here of the upcoming smaller than a CTS model, the ATS or Alpha:

  • Alpha / ATS internally informally referred to as the “BMW fighter”
  • small, rear-wheel drive luxury car for the Cadillac division
    [confirmed, good]
  • Compete head-on with the German carmaker’s 3-series sedan
  • “This car has to speak for itself,” Reuss said in a recent interview. “Before, it was all about playing defense instead of offense.”
  • Now, the engineering and purchasing executives are meeting together with important suppliers to stress that GM will pay top dollar if it gets the most advanced technology before other automakers.
    [good; not sure what they have in mind for the ATS here, but interesting]
  • “With the BMW fighter, the steering in that vehicle is going to be absolutely critical,” said Reuss. “In the past we would have gone to the lowest cost source, but not anymore.”
    [Steering feel is an area that BMW is considered world class.]


The NY Times also carried the article here: A FLUSH GM TO LAVISH CASH ON NEW VEHICLES

Nothing new, except the emphasis on value for the money over lowest cost supplier.  Good to continue to confirm the ATS or BMW Fighter (BFS?) as a rear wheel drive “ultimate driving machine”.  The ATS will need plenty of go to match up with the BMW 335i and its “300 hp” inline 6 turbo, since it actually makes 340 hp or so.

Other ATS / Alpha articles here.

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