Malibu Me (with action waist)

Flew in to Tucson, Arizona today for a meeting Tue/Wed. Rental Car Guy ™ offered either the Malibu or a Vibe, or um, yeah, either the Malibu or Vibe. I always try to rent GM cars when I am traveling and GM is one of the choices, but this made it too easy; so I got the Malibu.  I would always rent a Cadillac except for the part about not being rich and all.

Odd exchange with Rental Car Guy ™:

Me: “I’d like a map, but I am just going to the hotel tonight, the Best Western Brisas.”
RCG: “Oh, the Brisas? You can see it from here.”
Me: (slowly turning to where he is pointing in my best ‘I just got off the plane’ zombie with action waist moves) “Oh?”
RCG: “No, you can’t”

I suppose he was just not expecting someone to actually look to see if he was right.

I will be here  a couple of days, and will plan to post more impressions of the Malibu.


The Brisas it turns out is laid out like a maze, but they gave me a map on how to find my assigned room. Bruce’s Rule 1 of hotel layout:  If they have to give you a map, the hotel is not laid out correctly.  Rule 2:  if you have to drive to get from the Front Desk to your room, the hotel is not laid out correctly.  In fact, that may make it a Motel and not a Hotel.

Today GM announced that Chairman of the Board and Acting CEO Ed Whitacre has agreed to take on the role of CEO permanently.

He seems a reasonable choice all in all; GM needs a little consistency in their organization structure about now I think.

Lots of changes going on but when you start moving people around and changing products and factories and Dealers all at the same time it is a bit like trying to cut diamonds while riding a unicycle on the back of a Dolphin who is practicing but not quite getting a new jumping backflip trick.  It is hard.

I see that there is a Cadillac Dealer here in Tucson, Royal Cadillac, (formerly Don Mackey Cadillac) so I may try to pop in there Tue or Wed and see what’s going on in the local showroom.

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