Wish I could filter down hot air temps #Motorama

After a recent test I noted that the Spectre filter in my 2008 STS-V with Spectre CAI was dirty.   I placed a Spectre replacement filter Spectre Performance SPE-HPR9886K Air Filter on order, but it was delayed — now due May 29.  In the mean time I ordered a cleaning kit, Spectre 884820 Accucharge Filter Kit and an equivalent K&N filter, K&N RU-3100 Universal Rubber Filter

Dirty Spectre on the left K&N on the right

Dirty Spectre on the left K&N on the right

The Spectre filter in the CAI is a 6″ opening, 7.5″ base, 6.25″ length, 5″ top cone filter.


The equivalent / similar K&N arrived, and I plopped it in after work.  The STS-V was hot, and heat-soaked, and it is a hot day, all of which are trouble for supercharged cars.  I also don’t have a recent ‘before’ virtual dyno sequence with the STS-V hot.

new kn filter hot

This shows quite a few hp down from my last cold runs of 376 hp – 380hp, but mostly just tells me that the LC3 hates the heat.

kn filter top 2nd

The 0-60 time was actually fine hot, around 5.265 seconds in the HPTuner log and same on the Performancebox.

I am cleaning the Spectre filter, and re-oiling, and then we can test it back in the car next opportunity.  I did reach back to find a hot run file from a while back when I was still making adjustments to the Spectre CAI shielding, and it was a close match to these hot runs.

triple hot run from shield and may 2013

Have you ever tested same-size Spectre filters and K&N filters back to back? What did you find?

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