I’ll have the keyless access in my Cadillac please

Tucked into the Premium package of the Cadillac SRX and Cadillac CTS or available as a separate feature of the Luxury or Performance models is the Luxury Level 2 option package.  Here is the example from the 2010 CTS order book:

Luxury Level Two Package, includes (KB6) heated/ventilated front seats, (AM9) split-folding rear seat, (N38) power rake wheel and telescopic steering column, (ATH) Keyless Access-Passive Entry, (BTV) Keyless Access-Remote Start (not available with [MN6] 6-speed manual transmission), (BTM) Keyless Access-Keyless Ignition, (K14) Automatic cabin odor filtration and (UD7) Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist

I had seen “Keyless Access” as a feature of the SRX Premium, but that simply confused me.    All Cadillacs tend to be keyless access right?  They all have remotes to lock or unlock the doors, etc.

What Cadillac is featuring with the Keyless Access Options is the idea that you never have to get the key fob out of your pocket or purse, it just has to be with you.

  • Keyless Access – Passive Entry: allows you to simply walk up to the car and open the door.  If it senses you have the key with you, the door unlocks.
  • Keyless Access – Keyless Ignition: press the brake pedal, and push a button to start the Cadillac.  If it senses you have the key with you, the car starts.

These may sound to you like “so what”? options, but let me assure you that in person in the Cadillac, they are very cool.  It is fun to simply walk up to the Cadillac, and have it recognize you and open the doors.  It is fun to push a button to start the car, and have it crank right up.  Of course the gauges and digital displays on the instrument panels of current Cadillacs are busy at startup putting on a digital display, so it all becomes entertainment.

Keyless Access is a desirable feature, and one I will shop for in my next Cadillac.

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