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Would you get up early on a Sunday morning if it meant a Chef would prepare your breakfast, and you could drive a new Cadillac across town?  I would; I did; it was fun.


Crest Managing Partner Mike Brosin mans the blow torch for hand caramelizing syrup and bananas under the supervision of award-winning Chef Richard Chamberlain

As AirMike and I discussed in the live chat Thursday, Crest Cadillac invited me (and many others) to come help shuttle cars from their ‘old’ location to their new Cadillac Showroom.  The new location officially opens tomorrow on Monday, 2/29, and is at Legacy and 121 in Frisco, Texas.  The formal address is 6100 State Highway 121 in Frisco, TX.


Early was on time this morning. Everyone seemed happy to be there and looking forward to the drive.

The purpose of the event was to help move Crest’s Cadillac inventory across town.  Mike Brosin, Darin Partin, and the Crest Staff played the perfect hosts, putting on breakfast, courtesy shuttles, and pre-staging maps, helpful guides, et al.

I arrived a bit early, but there were a lot of people already in line for registration and breakfast.  When they called the first shuttle run to pickup and shuttle cars I got out of breakfast line and headed to the driving event.


At the old Crest location I got into one CTS Luxury 2L Turbo but one tire showed low air pressure.  The Crest Techs helps right away and I got into another similar CTS Luxury 2L Turbo for my drive.

The drive was uneventful fun.  Crest specified a route so they could help if there were any issues, but the CTS ran up the highway like a champ.



I did see a few ATS-Vs this morning; this is one of the models I am looking for to replace my STS-V, and perhaps my XLR if I simplify to one Cadillac.

IMG_2981 IMG_2982

I also saw an XTS VSport Platinum for AirMike.

After my drive there was still time for a lovely breakfast and a walk around the new facility to look at Cadillacs.


Overall this was a fun way for Crest Cadillac to introduce Customers to the new location.  I had a good time, a good breakfast, and a nice drive.





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