Daimler AG reports Feb 2010 US Sales up 4.7%

Daimler AG, the mother company for the Mercedes Benz, reported Feb 2010 Sales up 4.7% from Feb 2009.  The really interesting thing is that MB is making the numbers selling sedans as opposed to SUVs.  Mercedes Benz (MB) sales also seems consistent — they make high content, high value cars that are focused on their market and sell well to Buyers who know what they are getting.

C-Class Sales held steady at 4,245 cars sold.  The C-Class ranges from a starting price of $33K for the C300 Sport Sedan up to $39,750 for the C350 Sport sedan.  This is similar to the range of pricing I would prefer for the CTS Sedan — start in the low $30s and maintain a $10K increase across the range.

The C-class also includes the C63 AMG for $57K, which is similar to the more expensive CTS-V at $62K.

I believe that the C-Class was the original target for the CTS, and the CTS can be translated as C-Class Touring Sedan.  By comparison the CTS sold 2,690 cars in February.

The new E-Class sales were very good at 4,043 cars sold.  The E-Class starts at $43,600 for the E350 and rises through $56,300 for the E550 to $85,750 for the E63 AMG.  This is the market in which the DTS and the STS should be competing, or that the upcoming XTS would compete.  With the ATS arriving to re-challenge the BMW 3-Series and the MB C-Series, I suppose now the CTS will move further upmarket to compete with the E-Class.

M-Class SUV sales, R-Class tall station wagon, and the traditional GLK class SUV sales were up statistically but still low for all models compared to BMW or Cadillac SUV sales.  Cadillac SRX and Escalade sales have continued to overshadow any MB SUV sales.

And here was our Feb 2010 Cadillac chart for comparison:

February (Calendar Year-to-Date)
January – February
2010 2009 % Chg Volume %Chg per S/D 2010 2009 %Chg Volume
Selling Days (S/D) 24 24
CTS 2,690 3,259 -17.5 -17.5 5,255 6,677 -21.3
DTS 611 982 -37.8 -37.8 1,229 2,344 -47.6
Escalade 1,418 1,238 14.5 14.5 2,655 2,591 2.5
Escalade ESV 552 416 32.7 32.7 948 1,088 -12.9
Escalade EXT 102 166 -38.6 -38.6 223 501 -55.5
SRX 3,542 552 541.7 541.7 6,776 1,440 370.6
STS 332 357 -7.0 -7.0 565 770 -26.6
XLR 26 68 -61.8 -61.8 62 126 -50.8
Cadillac Total 9,273 7,038 31.8 31.8 17,713 15,537 14.0

February 2010 US Sales: MB 15,385 BMW 15,100 Cadillac 9,273

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