Commanding the Intercooler pump key on engine off

The intercooler pump relay on the Cadillac STS-V is on the driver’s side fuse box.   It would be useful to be able to command the intercooler pump on when the key is on but the engine is off (KOEO) — example on the dyno under a fan — to cool the intercooler and intake manifold off.

Now, the Driver’s side fuse box they mention is under the rear seat on the Driver’s side.

On some vehicles the owners simply short across the relay when desired and manage to turn the pump on.


On some vehicles HPTuners VCM Scanner can also do this sort of thing under VCM Controls.  Mine appears to give that option, and will let me press the ‘On’ button, and it goes green, but the pump does not appear to come on.

I have also tried setting the intercooler pump delay after engine turn on from 10 sec to 0 sec but that didn’t appear to do it either.

If you have some experience with turning on the intercooler pump with the Accessories on, engine off on the STS-V or similar, please comment and point out what I’m not doing.

One thought on “Commanding the Intercooler pump key on engine off

  1. With HPTuners on my 2014 XTS VSport I don’t have the option to turn fans… On and off like when tuning LS1’s.

    I do have the option to change time after start for the intercooler pump. I can also change the temperature at which it starts.

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