Cadillac’s Luxury Roadster – Velocity edition

I have enjoyed my 2008 STS-V.   It has almost 500 hp, corners well, and is quite comfortable.  It uses premium gas in large gulps but is a fun car to drive.

Now that I have sold my Duke Roadster I am ready for a Cadillac Roadster, an XLR, preferrably the XLR-V.  There are some things I like about the non-V vs the V – price, wood trim steering, adaptive cruise.  

But the V may be a safer purchase –  in used cars good to buy the best example you can afford.

So now I am back in the “heck” of Cadillac shopping.  Pouring over online ads, car history reports, pictures.  Weighing mileage, year, noted condition vs whether I can see it in person or not. Good times.

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