Cadillac STS-V understanding test result diversity

As a part of understanding the HPTuners data I am seeing I captured these snapshots from two different 0-60 test runs:

Time 11:

Time 11:01.531

Time 16:


Time 16:31.875

Summary:  Same Cadillac STS-V, same day, same driver, one run later than the other run.  Different locations.

On the 2nd run the car is able to maintain a lot more timing — 26 degrees of advance vs 18.5 degrees on the first run.  The MAT temp on the 2nd run is at 145F while it hits 171F on the first — for the identical 109F IAT2!  The boost is 0.4 psi higher on the 2nd run — the boost varies pulse to pulse so that could be noise.  Lots of variables — again, 2 runs from the same car same day same gas 5 minutes apart.

These two runs resulted in very similar 0-60 mph times — 4.9 sec on the first one and 4.8 sec on the 2nd one.  This sort of rich diversity in the results certainly is intriguing; let me know if you see something obvious that I am missing on why!

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