Cadillac Sales up 36% in April 2010

Cadillac’s sales were up 36% in April 2010, with the SRX continuing to lead sales.  The CTS had its best month of 2010, but continues to underperform last year’s sales.   The faces of Cadillac today are definitely the SRX and the CTS, with Escalade and DTS sales in the background.

Cadillac Buyers more and more are CTS and SRX smart, sporty buyers.  That is very hopeful for Cadillac going forward.  The SRX continues to bring new Customers to Cadillac.

(Calendar Year-to-Date)

January – April

2010 2009 % Chg Volume %Chg per S/D
2010 2009 %Chg Volume
Selling Days (S/D) 26 26

CTS 3,278 3,876 -15.4 -15.4
11,403 14,452 -21.1
DTS 1,785 1,458 22.4 22.4
5,160 4,963 4.0
Escalade 1,250 968 29.1 29.1
5,174 4,675 10.7
Escalade ESV 602 479 25.7 25.7
2,216 2,077 6.7
Escalade EXT 148 202 -26.7 -26.7
530 929 -42.9
SRX 3,904 568 587.3 587.3
14,770 2,637 460.1
STS 330 711 -53.6 -53.6
1,295 2,057 -37.0
XLR 20 75 -73.3 -73.3
121 293 -58.7
Cadillac Total 11,317 8,337 35.7 35.7
40,669 32,083 26.8

Press Release:

Cadillac’s total U.S. sales rose 36 percent in April to 11,317 driven by significant gains for SRX and positive momentum for Escalade and CTS.

SRX total sales for April rose 587 percent, the seventh straight month of triple-digit percentage increases. Redesigned for the 2010 model year, SRX has quickly become a stand-out in the fast-growing midsize luxury crossover segment.

The redesigned SRX also is attracting new customers to Cadillac at a higher rate than the previous model. So far this year, about 49 percent of SRX buyers traded in a competitor’s brand, an improvement of 14 percentage points compared to the previous model’s conquest rate.

A five-passenger crossover, SRX’s standard V6 engine is EPA-rated at 25 miles per gallon on the highway. SRX also provides the option of advanced all-wheel drive and a turbocharged V6 engine.

“SRX is appealing to luxury buyers with performance, fuel-efficiency and dramatic design,” said Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president of Cadillac sales. “SRX has put Cadillac’s signature on the midsize luxury crossover segment.”

Escalade total sales rose 21 percent in April, and CTS had its best month of the year as Cadillac builds on the core of its line-up. Cadillac will launch this summer the CTS Coupe.

Even before its release, CTS Coupe is drawing praise from the automotive press. A luxury sports coupe that will be available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive versions, CTS Coupe will become Cadillac’s centerpiece for design and performance.

“It’s safe to say the coupe is positively gorgeous,” Automobile magazine wrote in a preview of the CTS Coupe earlier this year. “Pictures simply don’t do it justice.”

Later this year, Cadillac will expand its line of V-Series high-performance luxury vehicles with the addition of the CTS-V Coupe and CTS-V Sport Wagon.

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