Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon: “l’élégant break CTS”

The French website Turbo.Fr covered the announcement of an upcoming V-series version of the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon.  My school French is poor from lack of use, but here is a Bing Translator version:

According to the American magazine car and driver, Cadillac agrémentera its elegant CTS Sport Wagon  a sport version break.

In an interview, the Vice President of General Motors Bob Lutz confirmed that Cadillac would market a CTS – V Sport Wagon.

Traditionally at the American luxury manufacturer, V-series means performance versions to how Motorsport at BMW or at Mercedes AMG.

The CTS – V Sport Wagon will be powered by the same heavier than the road he derives 6.2 supercharged 564 ch and 747 Nm but V8, break will have to settle for a 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds against 4.2 for the sedan.

According to Mr Lutz family CTS will be supplemented the year next by an unpublished cut tailgate (read our article) in the manner of the Alfa Romeo Brera – a great first for Cadillac – which will benefit him also of a CTS – V declination.

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Why is this notable?  It is a good sign that Cadillac is doing the right things when Automotive Enthusiasts around the world are discussing upcoming Cadillac vehicles.

Cadillac — the international luxury performance marque.

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