Cadillac Cruising – the 300 mile tour

I currently drive a 2008 Cadillac STS-V with 4.4L Supercharged V8. I thoroughly enjoy owning it. The current EPA rating for this model is 13 mpg city, 19 mpg highway. That equates to 6.7 gallons per 100 miles. So for my frequent 300 mile jaunts, 20.1 gals would be needed without refueling the 18 gal tank. See the issue?

A new Cadillac ELR can manage that with full charge 37 miles and full 9 gal tank for 303 miles or 340 miles total.

A new ATS 2l Turbo, at 21/31 mpg or 4.2 gal / 100 miles can also do 300 miles in 12.6 gal of its 17 gal tank and arrive with fuel left over.

The other interesting contender is the new CTS Vsport wih 420 hp 3.6L twin turbo. At 16/24 mpg or 5.6 gal/ 100 miles it can go 300 miles for 16.8 gals out of its 19(!) gal tank, also arriving with fuel left over.

Read more from EPA: EPA comparison

What do you think? What is the best Cadillac to enjoy for a 300 mile tour?.

3 thoughts on “Cadillac Cruising – the 300 mile tour

  1. Very interesting, as I get 17+ around town and close to 26MPG in my 1998 De Ville…at least
    that’s what the instrumentation is telling me.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Sounds like your Cadillac is doing well.

    A lot depends on the driver with mpg on any car. My V is okay on mpg given it makes 469 hp (modified to ~500 hp). But for comparisons EPA to EPA mpg seems best.

  3. It depends on the tour. If you are on the interstates or on good four-lane highways, one of the V series strikes me as the most comfortable and capable, and one fill-up at a location of your choosing seems like a good way to plan a rest stop with refreshments.

    Big towns on the route, without a bypass, and possibly some rush-hour traffic? Any one of them. Breaking the traffic with a stop for a meal (and a fill-up?) if you find yourself in heavy traffic seems like a good plan. Any one of them is good, with the ELR perhaps at the top of the list and the ATS next.

    Country roads with slow turns and such? This is a good drive for an ATS. But all of the models that you mention are great for this type of drive, assuming that the ATS handles as well as the others; I’ll assume that it is in the same class as the ATS at least.

    I haven’t mentioned children and pets. If you travel with anyone under 18 or dogs, they will welcome a rest stop every couple of hours, which is 100 miles or so.

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