Cadillac Converj – is it a Cadillac Volt?

Recently I posted a Cadillac Converj Catchup article for those of you not keeping up with developments.  Also, you can check the index for any articles that address Converj here.  The Converj will use a similar Voltec powertrain, (formerly knows as E-flex), and base chassis as the upcoming Chevrolet Volt, but will be specified, built, and tuned for Luxury Performance as a Cadillac.

We know that the Converj will look like this on the outside:

Cadillac Converj Concept Introduction at 2009 NAIAS

Bob Lutz with Cadillac Converj Prototype

And it should be noted that this design has proven very popular as a path for Cadillac, so we may see the same design influences on other models.

But what about underneath the skin? Here is the Voltec Powertrain that is being pioneered on the Chevrolet Volt and will be featured in a tuned, Luxury Performance variant in the upcoming Cadillac Converj:

Cadillac Converj Chassis & Powertrain

Voltec Chassis & Powertrain

So is the Converj just a Cadillac version of the Volt? Yes and no.

  • They will share the Voltec powertrain. They will both be extended range electric vehicles.
  • The Converj may or may not use the same engine as the Volt for extended range operation — the Converj may get a more premium power unit.
  • The Converj may carry more battery reserves than the Volt, and have a longer electric-only range.
  • The Converj may be tuned electronically to be a more sporting performer than the Volt.
  • Finally, the interior appointments and standard equipment level for the Converj will mirror the accoutrements that Cadillac owners have come to expect.

It will be the Cadillac of Extended Range Electric Vehicles.

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