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The Savvy Entrepreneur has taken me to task for requiring registration on the blog prior to accepting comments, so I have reset the blog to allow comments if the name & email fields are filled in.   Comments will still be Moderated to filter SPAM, but please do comment.  Thanks to Cristina for taking the time out to complain advise me on this.  Expert advice is ALWAYS welcome.

Now people who are registered on the Caddyinfo Forum don’t have to keep up with a separate registration here, so good.  Regulars on the Forum are welcome to put their user name on the forum as their comment name here.

For those of you new to Caddyinfo, our site is all about Cadillac.   We offer how-to articles and help with diagnostics and repairs.  We also offer new car information, features, and advice.  We celebrate achievements with our Members, such as reaching 150K miles or 250K miles or similar milestones.  Basically we enjoy a community with other Cadillac vehicle owners and share our knowledge and experience of these precision, luxury, performance vehicles.  We tend to focus on contemporary Cadillac issues, but issues or discussion about any year Cadillac are welcome.

The site is pro-Cadillac, so Trolls or GM-haters or Cadillac Haters are welcome to seek other corners to preach from.

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