Cadillac ATS MPG Fuel Economy Estimates

The EPA has tested the upcoming Cadillac ATS MPG and preliminary ratings are 22 city and 32 highway.

Cadillac ATS MPG Fuel

Cadillac ATS MPG Fuel

This puts the most economical Cadillac ATS right alongside the 2012 BMW 328i or 2012 Mercedes C250:

  • Cadillac ATS 2.5L 22/32 mpg
  • BMW 328i 23/33 mpg
  • Mercedes C250 21/31 mpg

HERE is the EPA comparison page for reference.  The ATS can use regular unleaded, which is an ongoing cost advantage over some competitors.

Cadillac ATS Fuel Economy on Track

Cadillac ATS Fuel Economy on Track


Cadillac ATS MPG vs other Cadillacs

More to the point this makes the Cadillac ATS a clear leader versus its stablemate SRX, rated at 17/24 mpg city/highway, or CTS 3L at 17/27 mpg.

Cadillac ATS MPG Summary

The Cadillac ATS will arrive as a fuel efficient Cadillac.  We live in a fun time, when a high tech four cylinder engine can produce 200+ hp and deliver 30+ mpg on the highway.  A lot of the credit here has to be shared with the light weight and careful design of the Cadillac ATS.

I remember when my 1992 Cadillac STS with 4.9L OHV V8 made 200 hp and weighed more than the new ATS 2.5L Four will weigh.  Now we get equal power from a Four, and with a 6-speed automatic to keep it in its power band!  Also note that in today’s terms, my V8 STS would have been rated 15/23 mpg city/highway versus the 22/32 mpg for the ATS 2.5L!

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