CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat 2013-09-19


  • Rumor is the 4.5L Turbo V8 will be shared with Corvette.  What do you think?  Does Cadillac need exclusive engines?
  • Is this an ideal LTS engine line up? 3L TTV6 350hp, 3.6L TTV6 420 hp, 4.5L TTV8 500 hp?
  • If a person offered you $59K tax free or a new CTS VSport tax free, which would you prefer?
  • If you had an autonomous driving car, would you be willing to nap during long drives?  Does that reduce the fun or help roadtrips?
  • How much range would an all-electric car need?  Or how fast would it have to recharge?  Example, if you could drive
    500 miles on a charge, and it could recharge in 30 minutes while you had dinner….?

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