CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat 2013-08-08

The planned topics (which we abandoned, but then returned to):

  • Who IS left at Cadillac besides David Caldwell?  In an integrated GM, who is Cadillac?
  • 5 maintenance items every Cadillac Owner should be doing regularly are….
  • Chevy Volt now $5K lower price — could this let the ELR start at $45K?
  • Does Cadillac need an all-electric option in addition to the range-extended ELR?
  • Twin-Turbo V6 tuning — are we entering a new age of Cadillac wonderfulness where there is
    a clear path from 410 hp XTS to 475+ hp ATS-V level of performance?

Join us on Thursday nights for live video chat on Cadillacs.  To participate, contact me on Google+ for an invite.


One thought on “CaddyInfo Cadillac Chat 2013-08-08

  1. enjoyed your program. Would like to get in on a discussion with one of the GM engineers. Also, would like tips on how might get invited to the Cadillac driving training course. Was invited to a course in Illinois several years ago and was amazing. Have tried to get on the list again without success. Have a 2011 CTS and 2007 SRX.

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