BMW delays U.S. launch of 2011 X3

Interesting reason BMW is delaying the launch of their next X3 SUV:

BMW delays U.S. launch of 2011 X3.

The delay will also allow BMW to launch the X3 with several engine options. The X3 was originally scheduled to launch with just one engine offering – a gasoline-powered inline-six – but the compact ‘ute could now launch with up to four engine packages. A diesel engine will be part of the mix, although BMW has yet to decide if the X3’s oil burner will be a four or six-cylinder engine.

I would  like to see Cadillac offer more engine options.  Lansing Grand River where the CTS family is made is very flexible.   Why can’t we go back to the days of just picking an LS3 engine instead of the LLT engine?  Not that the LLT DI DOHC VVT V6 isn’t a sweet engine, but some people want the V8 without the price tag of the V.  It wouldn’t threaten the CTS-V package, which is brakes and suspension and that terrific LSA engine, for those that want the full supercar experience (and can afford it).

Lexus and Acura brought in the limited choices, no real options approach to options.  Cadillac should use their flexible factories and modern ordering systems to get back to making cars the way the Cadillac buyers want them.

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