Best Options for the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe?

Hands down the Saffron interior — Ebony Leather Seating Surfaces with Saffron inserts is the best option to pick if you are only picking one. This is a no-additional cost signature interior option only available in the Coupe.

The single disadvantage is that it is not available with the Crystal Red Tintcoat exterior.

Wood Trim Package $600:  This adds Midnight Sapele Wood trim pieces to the interior on instrument panel, center console, and door.  They do look terrific.

Recaro Performance Seats – $3,400:  Recaro with heated/ventilated sport performance driver and front passenger seats.  This is the only way to get ventilated seats in the CTS-V. These are terrific seats; I loved them when I tried out a CTS-V Sedan with them.  They seem to be a matter of taste, so please test drive a car with them prior to ordering.

You also have to order the Recaro Performance Seats if you want the Sueded Steering wheel and shift knob, a $300 option.  These give a different feel/texture to the steering wheel and additional control for high dynamic driving.

Wheels, polished (instead of standard painted) $800.  These will really make your V Coupe ‘pop’.  Skip if you plan to add aftermarket wheels of course.

Sunroof $700.  Adds some weight, but also adds some fun.  The V has way more than enough HP not to worry about the ~100 lbs weight addition.

I think the Saffron interior is the must have, because it is a ‘signature’ interior.  I would really love the Crystal Red Tintcoat however, so may be willing to fore-go the saffron for red.

The Recaro Seats and Midnight Sapele wood accents are worth the money, if you have the money. I know the polished wheels seem expensive, but they will make your V stand out among others;  once consideration of course is that they are easy to add later.

Certainly the base V is already a supercar with no options added, so no worries if you are stretching to get into the V and don’t want to add any extras.

3 thoughts on “Best Options for the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe?

  1. Your observations are great. What is your analysis of the options for the regular CTS Coupes (i.e. the “non-V-Series” versions)? I’ve read conflicting reports of the availability of the Recaro Sport Seats on the CTS Coupes, but always see them available on the CTS Sedans.

  2. First, I am currently a fan of the Premium model of CTS Sedan, Sport Wagon, or Coupe. Of course it is easy to appreciate the ‘fully loaded’ selection, but I really think that this is the way that the CTS should be equipped — with every convenience as a luxury car. The Recaro seats were/are planned as an option for the V6 CTS Coupe but are not in the current order book for the V6 Coupe, only the V-Coupe. They will be option W2E, Seats, Recaro Performance. When I asked Nick Twork of Cadillac about this he was not directly responsive but my impression was that the Recaros are going to the V first then if supply is sufficient would be offered on the V6 Coupe.

  3. Thanks for the reply. At the GM Online Ordering Guide, I don’t see the Recaros offered on the CTS Coupe, only the CTS Coupe V-Series:

    The e-mail update from Cadillac that I received yesterday was similar, when attempting to use the “Build Your Own” feature. Hopefully, the availability of Recaros will be expanded to the regular CTS Coupe with Premium Collection. I’ll be curious to see whether they will include the “suede inserts” or make them full leather, reserving the “suede inserts” for the V-Series models.

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