2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe — Get Ready Dealers!

Cadillac held a regional Sales Meeting this morning for Metroplex Cadillac Dealer Sales Staff at the Four Seasons Dallas in Las Colinas, where the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is underway.  Although it appeared overcast, the weather held off during the meeting.  Hopefully they will have good weather for the tournament.

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

Due to sensitivity at the Tournament, cameras and cell phones were limited on the grounds.

The meeting started with a plentiful breakfast buffet.  Four Seasons makes a wonderful venue for meetings not just due to the Golf.  The Traffic control heading in to the event, Security Staff, and Service were all spot on.  Attendees received Cadillac wreath & crest lapel pins, Cadillac baseball hats, and CTS Coupe wall posters.  The Event appeared to be well attended by DFW Cadillac Sales personnel.

The focus of the presentation was the soon to be released 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe and V-Series Coupe.  Production will begin in June, and we should see these in Showrooms in August.  Please contact your local Cadillac Dealer for exact details and possibly an invitation to the CTS Coupe premiere event at your local Dealer.   Cadillac focused on the anticipated competition for the CTS Coupe, relative sales, and indirectly targets for Texas Cadillac CTS Coupe Sales.  The latest CTS and CTS-V commercials were also shown.

The discussion also included attitude.  The intended Cadillac Sales attitude might be summed up as: “We are passionate stewards for Cadillac, helping Customers celebrate their success“.  Often times it is the small but thoughtful things, going the extra 10 yards, that makes the difference in how we all perceive Customer Service.  I am glad that Cadillac recognizes and is focused on achieving great Customer Service at ALL of their Dealers.

Cadillac will be ‘bringing the heat’ this summer with 60 month 0% interest and favorable lease terms on the CTS Family.

After a nice stroll to the Cadillac display area, a Cadillac Trainer detailed the features of a production CTS Coupe, the example shown a CTS Coupe Performance Model, with 3.6L engine.  Cadillac has all the current models on display for the tournament, but brought in the CTS Coupe for the Sales Discussion.  The Trainer also mentioned that the CTS Coupe online training is now available for Cadillac Sales Staff.

The Sales Event was well planned, the Venue was excellent, and everything went well.  I have been consistently impressed with Cadillac Events.  The CTS Coupe is a very exciting model for Cadillac, and their new advertising and marketing is active and on target.  This continues to be a great time to be a Cadillac Enthusiast.

Crest Cadillac of Plano was my host this morning, along with Cadillac and the Four Seasons Dallas.
I received a Callaway Cadillac golf ball set and golf accessories as a door prize in a raffle, as well
as a Cadillac lapel pin, Cadillac hat, and wall poster.

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