2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe – Dinner Out Test

I took the CTS Coupe last night for an important test — dinner out with the Wife.  We went to Pasado’s in Plano, very near Crest Cadillac who were kind enough to provide the CTS Coupe for me to test this week.  You can find my earlier posts about the Coupe here and here.

The test drive with the Wife is a very different and unique test.  Wives frequently have an entirely different frame of reference and set of sensibilities about automobiles.  Really important, gee-whiz features to me may be ho-hum features to Her, while things that seem pedestrian to me may be deal-makers to Her.   It is all a matter of perspective, and luckily my Wife shares her opinions freely.

First, the Cadillac CTS Coupe is a formal, luxury automobile and fits the bill well for romantic transportation.   This cannot be overstated as an advantage in ‘setting the mood’ for a nice meal out.    I recall leaving a dinner with some friends; as the valet brought my Cadillac, then another couple’s Cadillac, then the imported sports car for the 3rd couple, his Wife asked, “Aw, why don’t we have a Cadillac too?”.  Priceless.

One advantage of the keyless entry on the CTS Coupe is that it senses the presence of the driver key, and allows the doors to open if the key is near.   So my Wife didn’t need to spend time waiting for me to unlock her door as we departed, arrived, etc.  Actually I grabbed her door at each stop, but in day to day use the unlock on proximity would eliminate an occasional irritant.

My Wife is not sold on the hatchback configuration for the CTS Coupe.  I explained how exciting the sculpted shape is to everyone, but it doesn’t do anything for Her.  The new CTS interior was a hit, and the pop-up Nav and XM radio display were well received.  We didn’t discuss the direct ipod connection, but I know that would be a feature she would find useful.

She was pre-sold on the Crystal Red Tintcoat exterior, since she is a Red fan.

Overall the CTS Coupe made a great dinner out car and contributed well for a date experience.   Two doors and two people made it a good fit; if we had another couple along then of course the getting in and out would have added a bit of gymnastics.

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