Who’s Who at Cadillac: Don Butler

Don Butler of Cadillac

Name:  Don Butler

Title:  US Marketing Vice President, Cadillac (March 2010-Current)

Previous Recent Roles:

  • Vice President – Marketing and Product Planning Inrix (Privately Held; Computer Software industry) January 2010March 2010
  • Vice President – Global and OEM Business OnStar (Public Company; GM; Automotive industry) 2008January 2010 (2 years )
  • Executive Director – Truck Marketing Chevrolet Division of General Motors (Automotive industry) 20072008 (1 year )
  • Managing Director General Motors Egypt (Automotive industry) 20052007 (2 years )

Other Prior Positions: Design Engineer Corvette Electrical Systems Group, Zone Manager for Detroit Zone, Market Planner for Grand Am, Brand Planning Manager for Grand Am, Aztek Brand Manager

Education: BSEE GMI (Kettering), 1986; MBA Harvard Business School 1990

Best business advice:

It’s not how long you’ve been in the job, it’s not who you know, it’s not what you sound like when you’re presenting. Are you delivering the results? Are you accountable for what you said you would do? The people that deliver are the people who are going to be rewarded.

8 thoughts on “Who’s Who at Cadillac: Don Butler

  1. To whom it may concern:

    I recently received a high gloss mailing from Don Butler, Vice President – Marketing, Cadillac, telling me about the exciting new things happening at Cadillac.

    Please amend your mailing list so that future mailings are instead addressed to my husband, Mr. Ronald O’Keefe.

    Thank you.

    Darlene O’Keefe

  2. What a horrible association for cadillac this weekend at Doral .
    The course looks so shabby that it makes me wonder why Cadillac would be involved.
    Doral is messy, unkempt, and ugly.
    If that is what Cadilla stands for, I am going to buy another Range Rover.

    What an embarrassment.

  3. Looks like they have a redesign on the way:

    Gil Hanse, arguably the busiest golf architect around these days, unveiled his blueprint for the restoration project at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa for a few media slugs on Saturday, a project that’s planned to begin next spring.
    Plastic surgery is all the rage in South Florida, so imagine the famous old Dick Wilson design, which has hosted the PGA Tour since 1962, with some stretches, nips and tucks. The New Blew Monster’s routing footprint remains effectively unchanged, though greens will be rebuilt and enlarged, and some lakes will be moved to bring them into play on approach shots.

    Hottest hand in golf design unveils new Doral rendering to players, scribes

  4. My husband drives a Mini Cooper, but he got the thank you note from Don Butler for purchasing my new 2012 SRX. My name was nowhere to be seen. Sigh…

  5. Sounds to me as if your Husband owes you a nice dinner out, or jewelry (his choice), since he got the Thank You note clearly intended for you.

  6. I just received a “gift” from cadillac for our new purchase and it was a book of cadillacs over the years, while it’s nice why not send something useful like a no spill coffee cup or something to help maintain my car??? Just a thought

  7. Hi Sandy,

    In my experience this type of gift is determined by your Sales person, so you might share your feedback with them — they may be happy to swap you out.
    Can you tell me more about the book you received?

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