The best way to understand Cadillac

I have many books on Cadillac history.  They detail the variety of models, the people who designed and built them, and in some cases the stresses and competition of the times.

If you want to understand Cadillac TODAY, and something of the mind of the people that purchase and drive them, as well as some insight into the minds of the Team at Cadillac, you need to visit a Cadillac showroom or Ride & Drive Event, and get in a Cadillac.

Cadillacs today fit today’s sensibilities for ultra-high sports (V-Series), ultra-high luxury (Platinum Series), smart successful and luxurious (SRX), and many other options.

It baffles me when people say Cadillac is this or Cadillac is that and the this or that they are describing is just dead wrong.  If you want to know today’s Cadillac you need to go get in one, drive it for a day, or a few days, or a week.   That is how you can begin to understand the careful engineering, artful design choices, and character of the complete package that Cadillac offers in each automobile.  If you have not driven and lived with the current Cadillacs, then you don’t know them.

Cadillac is a full line brand.   A span of vehicles, from 3 different types of Escalades, all wheel drive or rear wheel drive variants of several Cadillacs, sports sedans, luxury sedans, are all offered in Cadillac showrooms.  Not every Cadillac is the perfect car for every Buyer, and that is okay.  Not every Cadillac has to be the super car CTS-V.  Some Cadillac Buyers select an SRX, or an Escalade, or CTS Sedan or a DTS because it suits their lifestyle.  There is luxury in choices, and at Cadillac, choices in luxury.

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  1. Jane, I’ve been driving a CTS Sport Wagon for the past six months. I’m sure your going to love it.

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