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Just got my 2017 Forum Shirt in and had to get it on.

This was the first Design I have commissioned from a new Designer, and I think it turned out well.  These can be ordered from our Family store, Regional Uniform & Supply, in your size and a selection of colors.  Product link in the store name above.

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Cadillacs start 2017 Pirelli World Challenge at St Pete Race 1

Johnny O’Connell led the two Cadillac ATS-V.R entries for race 1 of Pirelli World Challenge GT class at the Grand Prix St Petersberg today.

The preliminary final results — O’Connell in 4th and Michael Cooper in 7th for Cadillac.  The best lap times of today’s race determine qualification placement for tomorrow’s race.  The Cadillacs appear to be a bit off pace for the St Pete street track.  St Pete is a 1.8 mile, 14 turn temporary circuit.

The Cadillac ATS-V.R is a racing extension of the street car.  It uses a production based LF4.R twin turbo V6 engine making ~600 hp in the race cars.  The ATS-V.R’s also feature wider bodies and accommodation for wider tires.

Cadillac expected to offer full-spec GT3 customer cars as well, but so far we have not seen independent teams in the field.  Later in the year the Taylor brothers plan to join the fray, so we should see a 4 Cadillac team.

The Sunday GT race 2 will be at 3:15 ET.

Cadillac December US Sales Again Strong in Larger Vehicles

Crossovers and Large Sedans led Cadillac December sales as the Marque continues to sell well among those wanting space & luxury.   Total US sales for the year were down slightly.

  • Yes the XT5 is now outselling the previous SRX
  • CT6 sales continue to be additive to XTS sales and together are up nicely from XTS alone
  • The last of the last ELR’s went to happy homes.
  December (Calendar Year-to-Date)
January – December
  2016 2015 %Change Volume   2016 2015 %Change Volume  
ATS 2,292 3,451 -33.6   21,505 26,873 -20.0  
CT6 1,293 0 ***.*   9,169 0 ***.*  
CTS 1,697 2,441 -30.5   15,911 19,485 -18.3  
ELR 3 135 -97.8   534 1,024 -47.9  
Escalade 3,388 2,743 23.5   23,604 21,230 11.2  
Escalade ESV 2,084 1,916 8.8   15,488 14,691 5.4  
SRX 124 7,031 -98.2   22,139 68,850 -67.8  
XT5 7,436 0 ***.*   39,485 0 ***.*  
XTS 3,129 3,070 1.9   22,171 23,112 -4.1  
Cadillac Total 21,446 20,787 3.2   170,006 175,267 -3.0

Cadillac – from the press release:

  • Escalade was up 8 percent.
  • Escalade had its best month since December 2007.
  • XT5 had its best month since launch with significantly higher ATPs than its predecessor.
  • December ATPs were $56,949, the highest monthly ATP ever.

It will be interesting to see how Cadillac’s global sales fared, but expect them to be improved.