Cadillac CTS 1SF Performance Sedan brings Maximum Sport, Minimum cost

Cadillac offers the 2011 CTS Sedan in 3L V6 or 3.6L V6 models. For sports driving, we want the larger, more powerful 304 hp 3.6L engine.   The two 3.6L configurations are the 1SF Performance Model, and the 1SH Premium Model.  Although it is always tempting to order a Cadillac ‘with everything’, let’s look at what you get when you select all of the sport features — the performance engine, the maximum suspension — without any of the bells and whistles that reflect in the higher price of the Premium Model.

2010 Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS 1SF Performance Model starts at

  • MSRP starting at: $41,565
  • Destination Freight Charge: $825
  • Colors & Options : $540
  • Total MSRP: $42,930

Now, the good news is that this includes  the Summer Tire Performance Package  with the 19″ Polished wheels with summer performance tires, HID headlamps, fog lamps, performance cooling system, sport performance suspension, limited-slip differential, and performance brakes.  The summer performance tire package also triggers the FE3 sport suspension.

What you don’t get

For true sports car appeal, these prices include the 6 speed manual transmission; the automatic is $1,300 extra.  The Recaro Sport Seats are a tempting, but they require that the Performance Luxury Package and a number of other options, including Automatic transmission be selected.   The Performance Model does not include the Navigation system, although you can add options that include it.  For weight savings stay away from the sunroof option.

Finding a car at the Dealer

When shopping for this car, focus on the 19″ wheels and the 1SF designation.  There is a RPO Y42 all-season tire Performance Package, and a RPO Y43 Summer Tire performance package; we want the Y43.  It is not clear from the guide if the Y43 forces one to go to the Automatic transmission from some reason, but if so it includes paddle shifters on the steering wheel.  Your Cadillac Dealer will be able to walk through the order system and advise.


Cadillac makes it fairly easy to home in on just the Performance options of the CTS by featuring these as a separate package.  The total price of $42,930 brings a well equipped CTS Performance Sedan for less than the starting price of a BMW 528i, the least expensive 5-series.  By focusing sharply on just the Performance options and keeping a tight reign on the urge to buy all the options, once can get a 3.6L CTS Performance Sedan for a great price out the door.

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