2010 Cadillac SRX: the Face of Cadillac

The new Cadillac SRX is currently the best selling model for Cadillac.  I have one coming for a weekend test drive and am excited to get some seat time.  Here are the  highlights of the SRX as enumerated by Cadillac:

  • All-new design targeting the heart of the luxury crossover segment
  • Front-wheel drive and available all-wheel drive with electronic limited slip differential
  • Choice of new, efficient direct injected 3.0L V-6 or optional 2.8L turbocharged V-6 engines
  • All-new chassis developed for strong driving dynamics, featuring real-time damping system
  • Comprehensive roster of connectivity, infotainment and safety technology – including Bluetooth capability and a pop-up navigation system
  • Smartly designed interior offers multiple storage options and a unique rear cargo management system

The SRX is what I think of as a mid-size SUV.  Cadillac describes it as a midsize crossover.  A crossover generally is a vehicle whose construction is unibody like a CTS, as opposed to traditional body on frame like an Escalade, but which offers the utility of an SUV.  The goal is to have the lower weight and higher efficiency while offering the utility of a SUV.  The SRX weighs more than the CTS Sport Wagon, but less than an Escalade.  This model is the 2nd generation SRX.

The SRX offers a great deal of Cadillac for a reasonable price.  It starts at $33,830, and can be optioned up all the way to $55,430 or higher.

The 3L V6 SRX is available in 4 configurations:  Standard $33,830, Luxury $37,410, Performance $41,850, or Premium $44,395.  Luxury, Performance, and Premium can also be selected in All wheel drive instead of front wheel drive.   The Turbo SRX is available only in All wheel drive, and only in Performance $49,315 or Premium for $51,860.

The new direct injected 3L engine produces 265 hp in SRX tune.  It has been criticized in the press, but I have found it enjoyable in the CTS Sedan and CTS Sport Wagon.  Because of the greater weight of the SRX it may be more challenged in this application.  It is paired with the GM Hydra-Matic 6T70 automatic. The Turbo engine puts out more peak horsepower, at 300 hp, and also will have more low-end torque.  It is paired with an Aisin AF40 6 speed automatic transmission previously used on the Cadillac BLS Diesel model.

Perhaps one key to the successful sales of the Cadillac SRX is that every configuration looks well equipped.  The Standard 3L model arrives at a very reasonable price comes with stability control, a Bose sound system, dual zone climate control, and push button start.   The steps up to or through Luxury, Performance, and Premium add incremental features.

Please stay tuned Saturday for a detailed hands-on review of the Cadillac SRX.

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