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Acceleration Testing -- AP22

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How Fast is the Cadillac DTS Performance Sedan?

by Bruce & Texas Jim for

Texas Jim brought his 2006 DTS Performance Sedan out to Plano/Allen today:
[Click on photos for larger version]

It is a very striking car in person. It has navigation, rear park assist, front park assist, sunroof, et al. Looks good, luxurious, and filled with gadgets.
We visited a bit, and took some shots of his DTS and my CTS together

Then we got my AP-22 accelerometer setup in the DTS, and talked about how to run it:

Did a couple of runs, then headed over to breakfast at Mimi's and more pics:

and wrapped up with a final run (with traction control off).
It was a fun morning, and nice to meet Jim in person and talk about Cadillacs all morning.
Jim drove over from Fort Worth to Plano, so around a 1 hour trip coming in and the DTS was at operating temperature. When we started the temperature outside was around 47F. My prediction for the DTS was 0-60 mph in 6.9-7.3 sec.

Jim's first run was his fastest of the day, and the 2006 DTS Performance Sedan did:

0-10 0.86 sec
0-20 1.76 sec
0-30 2.83 sec
0-40 3.83 sec
0-50 5.00 sec
0-60 6.68 sec
0-70 8.36 sec

A back-to-back run to try a different launch technique yielded a 0-60mph time of 7.21 sec.

After the second run Jim realized he was leaving the traction control on. In the 06 DTS the traction off setting still allows first gear start. So after breakfast we headed back for one final run, and Jim logged 0-60mph in 6.80sec. So, his DTS ran somewhat better than expected, at 6.68-7.2 sec from 0-60mph.

Jim's DTS is the 292hp performance variant. Jim and I guessed it weighed 4,200 lbs, although the spec weight is around 4,009 lbs. We used a test weight of 4,330 lbs with Jim in the DTS and at his gas level, so that may have been a bit high depending on stuff in the car, etc.

Using 4,330 lbs, the AP-22 calculated hp at the wheels on run 2 of 238hp, and run 3 of 241hp. Since these are wheel hp, you would relate them to engine hp for an automatic by dividing by 0.8 (20% loss) or so, suggesting the (box stock) DTS was putting down the expected 297-301hp. (With the weight set at 4230 it would have been similar, but slightly less, 292-294hp; the huge guess factor of 20% loss overshadows the other guesses anyway, but validating the factory 292hp rating).

All in all good numbers, and a fun morning.

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